ConsiderCode, the company that created the Attend platform has received an initial seed funding round from Temple University. Led by Kavun Nuggihalli, ConsiderCode won $10,000 in seed funding at the April 19th University-wide competition. The earnings will immediately support ConsiderCode’s ever expanding acquisition of talent and technical resources for the Attend software platform.

Attend is a cloud application designed for the mobile age. This application uses smartphones and their geolocation capabilities to track, manage, and engage students at universities. The application placed as one of the 12 finalists at this years competition.

Every year the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute at Temple hosts one of the nation’s most-lucrative business plan competitions. This year, 12 finalists representing five of Temple’s 17 schools and colleges delivered presentations in competition for more than $200,000 in cash prizes and related products and professional accounting, legal, and marketing services.

“We are excited to have raised this capital to commercially sell our software platform”, said Kavun. ConsiderCode has also recently received an initial R&D grant of $5,000 from Blackstone Launchpad a leading investment firm.  The $5k has been invested towards hardware to maintain the Attend platform’s ever-growing user base on the Amazon AWS architecture.