Plastron Shell

An interactive shell library

Written in Python 3+

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Getting started

Creating your first shell program

pip install plastron

Create a file:

# An import we need
import os

# Import plastron module
from plastron import Plastron

# A useful function
def useful_disk_free_check():
    os.system("df -h")

# Inatalize the shell
my_shell = Plastron("Kavun", "PLASTRON", "A personal shell")

# Create a menu for this shell
metrics_menu ="metrics","Metrics")

# Create an item for this menu to run the function
disk_item = my_shell.item("disk", "Disk check")

# Add the useful function to the item's procedure

# Add the item to the menu

# Add the new menu to the main menu

# Launch the shell


A simple interactive plastron shell