Kavun Nuggihalli

Founder & CEO of ConsiderCode LLC

An entrepreneur creating new business models and solutions through innovative software applications and platforms.

SAP Support Engineer | Entrepreneur | Full Stack Developer | Computer Scientist | Leader | Blogger | Artist & Composer


Founder & CEO, ConsiderCode LLC
Public Speaker & Guest Lecturer


SAP Support Engineer
Software Engineer


Intuitive and Responsive
Material and Cupertino


Graphic Design
Instrumental Composition

Creator of ATTEND

Transform your one-sided presentations into two-way conversations with the audience. Attend uses smartphones to connect audience members for feedback and input during a presentation. With Attend you can engage and interact with large audiences.

Skills & Abilities

Technical and non technical

B.S. Computer Science

Temple University College Of Science and Technology

Cloud Networking

Stateful & Stateless Architecture development

Software Sales

Experience selling B2B SaaS and PaaS software

Innovative Leader

Data-driven decision-making
Inspires incredible teams

Project Management

Git, Bit Bucket, GitHub,
Agile & Scrum teams
Software design managment

Dev-Ops & Databases

Relational Databases
Blue-Green Deployment
Organization & compression

Technical Consulting

Escalation engineering
Solutions Implementation
Functional consulting

Full Stack Engineer

Web Development
High & Low-level Languages
Operating Systems

Previous Work

Companies & projects I have been a part of

Support Engineer

North America


Full-stack Engineer



AI Engineer



Software Developer



Kavun Nuggihalli presenting ConsiderCode LLC 2018

Awards & Achievements

Selected from 330 applicants for Blackstone LaunchPad & TechStars' Fellowship. Awarded $5,000 in grant funding. (2020)
Sponsored by Goldman Sachs and featured in Philadelphia Startup Leader’s Entrepreneur Expo (2019)
Awarded “Most Promising University Company” by Morgan Lewis LLP and Nth Round at the Angle Venture Fair (2019)
Featured company in the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology’s (PACT) capital conference (2018 & 2019)
Placed 2nd in the 20th annual Be Your Own Boss Bowl (Shark Tank style competition). Winning a total of $20,000 in seed funding (2018 & 2019)
Graduated from the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute’s (IEI) summer startup accelerator (2018 & 2020)

Testimonials & Recommendations

I am pleased to endorse Kavun for his programming skills. I decided to challenge him with developing a species identification tool for the database using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. AI-based tools for species identification are rare because of their complexity. Nonetheless, Kavun was able to develop a working prototype within days.


Laura H. Carnell Professor of Biology

I presented Kavun with a customer business integration problem to implement during his summer internship. Kavun went above and beyond. He applied technical programming skills including PHP and JavaScript to not only implement the solution using our API, but built a platform around it that forms the basis of a product with real-world potential.


Sr Manager, Managed Services at Dell

Kavun took our Atomsphere product and built new feature/functionality that no one had thought of. In addition, he stood in front of the entire team and did a wonderful demo of his work, explaining what he did and why he did it. There is no doubt that Kavun will be an asset wherever he goes. I'm already looking forward to what he does next.


Director, R&D at Dell Boomi

We are very impressed with the continually high quality of work delivered by Kavun and we strongly believe that Kavun is well equipped to grow from challenges that he is presented with. During his time at SAP, he remained focused on the tasks at hand and presented himself with a high degree of professionalism comparable to other tenured employees.


SAP Strategic Finance Project Manager

Identities hidden for privacy. Please contact for full references

Latest Blog Posts

Written by yours truly

Celebrating the annual “Coming of Age Day Ceremony” and my 21st birthday in Tokyo...

For my 21st birthday I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo, Japan. I could not imagine a better way to spend such a special day than immersing myself in the culture of Japan.

Bootstrapping a tech startup in Philadelphia and the importance of scalability & networking

It is too easy to fall prey to the mindset of a startup, the comfort and essence of innovation. In reality the only way to survive in a world of business is to reach out and network, keep up with markets, and play the odds to the top.

The Linux civil war, daemons & process supervision on AWS with Python scripts

If you are new to process supervision on Linux, be prepared to get involved in a long running war and controversy over service management in the kernel.

Custom built PC workstation gets a boost with an Nvidia RTX 2070 super graphics...

In 2015 I begun building my own PC with scrap parts I had collected. Now I have a powerhouse of a PC and I feel like there is nothing I can’t accomplish with it.

My experience as a University of Pennsylvania software engineer building an Electronic Healthcare System...

I work directly with the Experiential Learning and Assessment Center at the Perelman School of Medicine located at the University of Pennsylvania.

ConsiderCode receives seed funding from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute at Temple’s Fox School...

ConsiderCode, the company that created the Attend platform has received an initial seed funding round from Temple University. Led by Kavun Nuggihalli, ConsiderCode won $10,000 in seed funding at the April 19th University-wide competition.