An entrepreneur creating new business models and solutions through innovative software applications.

Kavun Nuggihalli

Software Engineer | Finance & Strategy

Professional Experience

SAP America, Inc.

Sr. Technical Consultant,
Finance Solutions

Dell Technologies Inc.

Software Engineer

University of Pennsylvania

Full Stack Software Engineer

Plastron Open Source

Chief Maintainer

Awards & Achievements

Sponsored by Goldman Sachs in Philadelphia Startup Leader’s Entrepreneur Expo (2019)
“Most Promising University Company” by Morgan Lewis LLP & Angle Venture Fair (2019)
Featured in the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology’s (PACT 2018 & 2019)
Placed 2nd in the 20th annual Be Your Own Boss Bowl (Shark Tank style competition).
Winning a total of $35,000 in seed funding through pitch competitions (2018 & 2019)
Awarded $10,000 from The Lori Hermelin Bush Seed Fund for Foundera (2022)
Awarded $5,000 from Blackstone LaunchPad & TechStars' Fellowship. . (2020)
Graduated Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute’s (IEI) startup accelerator (2018)

Kavun Nuggihalli presenting ConsiderCode

Latest Blog Posts

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If you are new to process supervision on Linux, be prepared to get involved in a long running war and controversy over service management in the kernel.

Custom built PC workstation gets a boost with an Nvidia RTX 2070 super graphics...

In 2015 I begun building my own PC with scrap parts I had collected. Now I have a powerhouse of a PC and I feel like there is nothing I can’t accomplish with it.

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With frameworks like CakePHP it becomes almost impossible to develop proper web applications using a Mac. Below are the instructions to setting up the MAMP stack and creating virtual hosts for multiple projects.