The Linux civil war, daemons & process supervision on AWS with...

If you are new to process supervision on Linux, be prepared to get involved in a long running war and controversy over service management in the kernel.

The Financial Implications of Computer Crime

The implications of crime become diluted when banks are under attack, because it matters to us as individuals only if we have accounts with those banks. However, when cybercriminals shift their focus to the larger picture—the fundamental structure of our monetary system—it becomes something that even individuals find impossible to ignore.

The Legitimacy of Anime

Anime or animated cartoons originating from Japan are normally dismissed as a niche genre of media. However, nowadays large networks are bringing Japanese Anime across seas faster and faster to satisfy the consumption of the American people. Anime in itself, like any animation, is an art form and will constantly evolve to suit the needs of its followers.

Locke’s Ideas of Tyranny & Snowden’s NSA Breach

A branch of the government known as the NSA abused the system of laws that protect citizens in America. John Locke the English philosopher who wrote the Second Treaties, has had his work considered to be the fundamental building blocks of today’s western civilizations.
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Celebrating the annual “Coming of Age Day Ceremony” and my 21st...

For my 21st birthday I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo, Japan. I could not imagine a better way to spend such a special day than immersing myself in the culture of Japan.